Best Social Networks For Bands and Musicians

Social networking covers such a huge amount of online presence and you can take advantage of this by having you band on these networks. Here are some of the top social networks for bands.


Facebook is arguably the most important social network a band or musician can have. Today over 1.2 billion people use Facebook, with millions of people using it every day. Due to this incredible proportion of the world who use this social network, a band without a Facebook page doesn’t really exist. If someone sees your band at a concert and absolutely loves it, the first thing he or she is likely to do is like you on Facebook. With people like this you can build up a page of followers and fans, keep them updated with posts and share latest content like singles and music videos. Also Facebook numbers are important for promoters. Although it may not always be accurate, the number of fans you have on Facebook can often determine how high up on the bill you are. Sadly, you might have the most killer live set in the world but if you only have 23 likes on Facebook a promoter is going to have a hard time having you headline.


Twitter is a great way to have your music reach a much wider audience. Whereas Facebook sharing is less common, with people being slightly more touchy with what they post on their profile, Twitter doesn’t seem to have the same limitation. Part of this is due to the fact that the “Retweet” is an integral part of the experience. It is definitely somewhat less popular with bands, however can be just as effective in sharing new material as any other network. Also interacting with fans is a more talked about experience; if a celebrity tweets a fan, they’ll often retweet/brag about it to their friends. With Facebook this interaction is a little harder to come by.


We are undoubtedly in the age of music videos. A few years ago having a music video was a nice bonus to a solid EP, however these days a single release without a video can almost slip under the radar. With YouTube constantly expanding (it’s said that there is now so much footage on the site that it is impossible to view it all in a your lifetime.) music videos are becoming more and more important. Whether it’s through your own band channel or through a separate video company, releasing tracks with videos is growing more and more necessary. Companies like SBTV and Ont’ Sofa specialise in making music videos and releasing them on their YouTube channels. Bands benefit greatly from these services because they get themselves a well edited music video and also that video gets seen by the company channel’s subscribers, which will often be a larger number than a bands own following.


BandCamp is a very popular site among bands, as it provides a simple way to sell your music online, for a large percentage of the takings. They only take 15% of each sale as opposed to the other big music distributors like iTunes and Spotify taking a larger chunk. There’s a great graph illustrating just how hard it is to earn minimum wage from selling music here. Bandcamp is also relatively stress free to set up and if you spend some time on it you can get it looking really slick and professional.


Although Soundcloud is less mainstream in terms of social network popularity, it provides a few key positives that bands shouldn’t miss out on. For example, some of the biggest music festivals only take music submissions and applications via soundcloud. No soundcloud, no submission, simple. Also the soundcloud player can act as a great plug-in for your band’s website. You have a band website right? Also the soundcloud app looks great on mobile devices, which makes showing off your new single even easier.

Other Social Networks for Bands

Although there are plenty of other social networks, these are the ones which can help your band the most.

2 comments on “Best Social Networks For Bands and Musicians”

  1. Graeme says:

    What about myspace? i no loads of bands wihout facebook and the rest but i have them on myspace!

  2. Chris says:

    Just getting my bands online set-up going, I’d not heard of bandcamp before, but it sounds wicked! Nice article, check my band out some time too (The Turkey Street band)

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