8 Reasons Why You Should Have A Band Website

Nowadays, it would seem that musicians and bands are often very active on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, but lack a website of their own. But why? The advantages to having a smart, stylish and well maintained website are endless… but for now, here are 8 reasons why you should have a band website.

1. Professionalism

Promoters and agents simply won’t take a band seriously if they don’t have a website. A band with a website is instantly preferable to one without one. You don’t want to be the band that misses out because of a lack of website! www. YourBandName .com is professional and sends a message “hey, we mean business”.

2. It will always be there

Your website is there for good. The amount of people who view your site doesn’t depend on popularity trends, like your fan page on Facebook might. Facebook and Twitter could disappear, but if you have a strong website with all your information and content, you’ll be at an advantage to those bands who are without.

3. New fans need a quick and easy way to find you

New fans are the best kinds of fans, because they’re hungry for content; they want to find you online and check out all there is to know about you. With a website, they can find it all. Whether it’s your latest blog post or your new t-shirts, they will want to discover it easily!

4. Great way to showcase your content

A website can bring together all your latest music videos, singles, eps and albums. Often social media sites will have plugins for things like this but none measure up to having your own band site. What better place to push new material than your online home?

5. It can combine all your social networks together to form one hub

While social networks are great for pushing new material, a polished website can collect all of these networks to form an online home for your band. From your site the fans can access all your social sites from one place.

6. Higher up on Google

If a person sees you at a show and wants to find out more about you the next morning, they will likely type your name into Google. If you don’t have a website, the likelihood of you being at the top of the list is greatly diminished. Get yourselves a website and stop losing these new fans!

7. Shows what you’re latest plans/gigs are

Again, a website is the go-to place for people who want to know when you’re playing in their city next. With a neat and easily accessible page with all of your listings on, you’ll never play to an empty room again! Also if you have any news, like a summer tour or recording plans, a website is a great place for this material.

8. Your bands image can be greatly enhanced

While you’re stuck with the blue and light blue of facebook and twitter, there are no boundaries when it comes to how your website looks. Use this advantage to hone in on your band’s look and identity. A big part of what agents and labels look for in bands, is an image that they can sell, a well designed website can give you that edge.

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    Good article, i found you guys through cut capers website, nice job!

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